King West

Different, Unique, Awesome !

The moment you cross the threshold into this magnificent building you'll know you've entered an exceptional place. Built in 1873 in Gananoque, the magical 1000 Islands region, this building has a unique style and irresistible charm. With detailed woodwork and original stones, it boasts welcoming rooms and living spaces with original wood floors, a classically serene color palette and stunning views from grand windows found throughout. With the perfect marriage of classic architecture and contemporary comfort, it surprises and delights at the same time. The ambiance is intimate and the comfort relaxing.

Situated in the heart of a neighbourhood steeped in history, the King West Apartments is your home and starting point for a thousand discoveries: a 1000 enchanting islands, winding waterways, stately homes, quaint shops, cafes and lively restaurants ...

". . . characteristics that set it apart from the rest . . ."
Lauren McPhillips - Style at Home Magazine

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